Saturday, April 3, 2010


Many times over the past few years, as I have read, and been inspired by others blogs; I too, have wanted to write and compose some words with meaning. To put these words down and to be open to others reading them. However, I have always struggled with what to write about...what to share.

Today, I read this blog post: and I cried.

I cried not only because of the journey that this family has travelled but also because of the journey that my family has travelled and continues to travel every day.
We have been through our fair share of ups and downs, and yet, I am constantly reminded how lucky I am.

Every time I look at my beautiful children, I am thankful.
Every time I laugh with good friends, I am thankful.

Every time I tell my husband that I love him, I am thankful.
Every time I pull out weeds in the garden, I am thankful.

Everyday, when I realise how much I have, I am thankful.

So finally, I realised something. I could write about the things that I do everyday.
The things I love.
The things that inspire me.
The things I will look back on and smile.

The moments that matter...
to my family... or my friends...
The moments that matter to me....

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